The aim of the "Holy Land Croziers" is to offer support both spiritually and financially to the people in need living in the Holy Land and particularly to those living in Bethlehem.

Everyone can contribute in some way to helping the people of Bethlehem - by showing solidarity, by praying for peace in the Holy Land, by telling family and friends of the situation, by visiting the Holy Land on pilgrimages and by making everyone aware that the people of Bethlehem need our help and support.

Bethlehem is not just about Christmas - it is about the people living there - babies, children, teenagers, students, mums, dads, the elderly and all those in-between who are struggling to get through a difficult life from day to day.

Because of the dire circumstances the wall is causing Bethlehem is like a ghost town, shops have closed, business's have closed, farmers can't make a living, people are leaving the town because they want, not just to have a better life but simply to live. Some day there may not be a town of Bethlehem if everyone leaves!

It appears that Bethlehem is like a big open air prison and the wall is choking the life out of the little town where our Saviour, Jesus Christ was born.

What is the future of the people in Bethlehem?

Does anyone care enough to do something to help and support the people in the town where Jesus was born?

The people of Bethlehem need to know that we are here, supporting them and letting them know that they are not forgotten.

Prayers for peace, healing, reconciliation, hope and finances are needed if Bethlehem is to survive!

On 2nd June, 2006, this cross, made by John McLaughlin MBE, the Govan Chairman, was taken on a pilgrimage from Glasgow to the Holy Land. The cross is 1.2m/4ft square and weighs 25kg/55lb. A second pilgrimage took place from 3rd to 10th September, 2007, led by Mgr. Peter Smith, Chancellor of The Archdiocese of Glasgow and Councillor Alex Mosson, and operated by SPECIAL PILGRIMAGES 'Christian Tours' 55-57 Queens Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS1 1LT, Tel. 01702 394000 Fax. 01702 395000, E-mail: info@special-pilgrimages.co.uk

For more details, contact lyn@holyland-croziers.co.uk